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I was Women into vore click here an LSD trip legit Lucy! Both my friends present at the time were neurotypical, chill cliick one of them being Casual Dating Wichita Kansas 67218 4chan-fag obsessed with memes—and generally got to enjoy the movie, but my Asperger's basically twisted the movie into a completely different dimension where John Hurt was Satan I'm not religious btw and the congregation wasn't for a wedding but rather a secret meeting of the "illuminati" basically just a bunch of Jews and Seth Rogen just kind of showed up—despite never being in the movie—to attend because he "sold his soul" to live in some nihilistic heaven forever.

My friends basically saw a slowed-down trippier version of the movie while I was on the edge of the couch muttering, "This is fucked, guise…" in awe of what ended up turning into a semi-sexual sacrificing of Kirsten Dunst to Satan as a symbol of the Wlmen always submitting to some sort of hedonistic Women into vore click here class.

Women into vore click here

Here's Women into vore click here it gets relevant to the topic; when Kirsten Dunst was getting sacrificed in the ACTUAL movie she was just laying naked on a rock by a stream still fully alive as opposed to being raped to death I had the sensation that I WAS Kirsten Dunst and was getting gang-raped by John Hurt, Seth Rogen, the Rockefellers, and a bunch of Women into vore click here old people and stock "jews" now that I think of it, I think even Adam Sandler was there.

I was just… "all clicl the jews" guys. Anyway, that cluck trans-rape felt like "devouring" and "being devoured" at the same cclick. I now enjoy a very occasional vore fap every now and then. It's gonna sound cliche but it was when I first saw Cell trying, and eventually, absorbing Android 17 and only Besides being much more indepth than 18's one, I always saw this scene as very erotic. The shots where you see the tail opening or when it slowly descends upon Free chat with real horny women as the inside shows….

It was then the actual vire that happened. It was such a scene. All the closeups, movements, 17's muffled moans and the sound effects that made that scene for me. As a little kid, just watching it, it seemed like something went off.

I couldn't sleep while I thought about it. It made me wet and feel funny just thinking about all the elements of it, from how the inside of the tail looked, the tight bulging fit that was 17 inside of it and the sounds of him slowly being gulped upon.

I didn't know what it was but I always felt funny seeing it. I cljck love seeing such a scene with 18, seeing I like 18's tension of absorbtion more but man, everytime I think about 17's one, it makes Women into vore click here wet and I fantizise alot about being absorbed the same way. Since then I watched a lot of vore after just searching the term of "absorbtion". I really not into the whole predator thing.

I rather be the prey one. I guess I got Cell to thank for that. Is anyone else noticing that for a porn board, this one seem to have a lot of female posters? I actually hate that it turns me on so much, mostly because it keeps ending in Women into vore click here and it's nigh-impossible to find safe vore and I feel something deeply wrong with fetishizing death.

I like the vore part, but not the BAD END part that keeps following, so basically I'm fucked since there's nothing like that out there. It's kinda funny. You can tell a lot of japanese artists got into vore as a result of Cell, because almost half of them copy that same method of vore. I've always felt weird in the female genital area after Women into vore click here videos of people being ingested since as long as I can remember vor is a long time ago.

It's weird and I Wmen alone till Wife swap nc. Swinging. finally realised there was a name for it an suddenly I didn't feel so alone. But if this finish of mine got out I'd be an out cast. Just hope no one will ever find out… Kinda embarrassing…. I remember watching an imax film Beautiful lady ready flirt Grand Rapids a kid.

It was Women into vore click here the digestive system. I Women into vore click here it was so fascinating at the age of like 6. There was a point voer the camera followed a tomato that went through a woman's body. I didn't understand how they filmed that part at my young age and I assumed the woman swallowed the camera man.

They even showed her to be pregnant later Lonely wife looking sex Bury the film and I once again confirmed that she had eaten someone. I later obsessed with the idea of a woman eating people.

I've had a vore fetish since I was 3 years old. I got massively turned on even when I was that young by the idea of people Fucking ladies in Mold each other.

My first vore experience came in pre-school when one of the daycare staff read the poem "Hungry Mungry". I remember getting a massive boner from it, as fucked up as that is.

I've always had fantasies about vore related stuff Women into vore click here then. I discovered what a vore fetish is when my mother bought me a lap-top in the seventh grade. Unlimited and private access to the internet caused me to eventually google Women into vore click here eating each other" which lead me to a web page designed to explain to people what a vore fetish is.

I imagined myself as a king and I dreamed I was sleeping there comfortably in his mouth, safe and warm, the dragon protected me. I know it sounds autistic, but I was a kid.

I would touch myself at night thinking about it and while sleeping but didn't actually masturbate. Actually now that i think about it, before the dragon, I watched Rescue Rangers and there was a scene about a crocodile eating one of the rodents. I would pause and rewatch that scene many times.

I think it started there. What you want is called "endosoma" which is living inside the stomach without being digested. Try searching that tag from now on. And still remains one of Women into vore click here more intense vore scenes out there. My first vore memory, as far as I can remember, started when I was a young kid. My dad was a bigger man, much bigger, and he would joke about eating me if I misbehaved, grabbing me and putting me down his shirt if we were laying down in bed, letting me fall asleep on his belly.

There was more, but falling asleep on my dad's belly is definitely the first and most defining thing that sent me down this rabbit hole. I've had this fetish for absolutely ages, since toddlerhood at least.

I also have a stomach fetish especially stomach noisesso I think they probably developed concurrently as Ladies wants sex PA Bethton 18964 result of watching cartoons containing both. There was a specific Women into vore click here I saw when Women into vore click here was about 3 or 4 that left a particular impression on me, and it's so obscure that it took me years to track it down again.

Basically it was a one-off on an old Cartoon Network Seeking a Essex Vermont lad for regular nsa fun called What a Cartoon! There's a shot zooming in on the woman's stomach as it growls realistic sound effect too and later a scene of the guy looking through a cookbook with dishes made of various animals, like lizards and porcupines.

What he ends up making is this horrific mess of guts and body parts, which he and the woman consume ravenously before going on to eat the table and silverware too. Probably something to be said about the psychology behind associating such a thing with a romantic setting at a young age, but who knows.

Generally speaking my fetish is more an interest in simply observing the consumption of things that weren't "meant" to be eaten, like live beings, inanimate objects, whole pieces of food, etc. Every conversation I've had with a friend or Women into vore click here has gone fine, even though I always expect the worst reaction.

Consistently people have thought it was a strange but interesting novelty, and I was Wife seeking sex tonight MN Newport 55055 enough to discover that one of Women into vore click here past gf's shared similar interests. She enjoyed swallowing foods like hotdogs and asparagus whole Women into vore click here of the internal feeling, and naturally that was perfect for me.

I can pretty much pin point when I "found out" and it's almost too absurdly Women into vore click here to believe.

Back around when I was 6 or 7, the girl sitting beside me during an indoor recess or lunch or something was playing with gummy bears; she was playing with them on her desk, pretending they were people - she was teasing them verbally and rubbing her stomach, and ate them one by one - of course, like everyone else here, I got a really "weird feeling", and started down the path that led me here.

I think I've got quite exactly the same fetish: If i say that one of my all-time favourite where there is girl named "Maryweather" i guess open mouth swallows a few gummy smurfs… it's like it is Women into vore click here anatomy study of swallowing, it's truly amazing…. And i don't know when and where did i started to like this kind of stuff, but it was well before the internetz broke out. I also never told about this fetish of mine to any of my girlfriends….

It's quite interesting that one of your exes shared your interest on this… I mean, what are the chances?

Hm, now i thinking about one of my ex, he was quite a dominant type and in retrospect, this combined with quite a terrible personalitymaybe if i spoke up she would have been into some kinky stuff… well this one adds to the list of things i will never know. I consider myself a manly man, who don't need to be affraid of what the others thinks, i proudly make jokes about how much a i prefer chubby girls not the obese ones thoand my friends also make jokes about this, i like small cars, even some girly ones, yet never had the courage to confess my fetish to anyone ever.

When I was very young 4ish? I used to play a game where I imagined I'd grow whenever I ate things. It would start off small and normal, but as I grew to bigger and bigger sizes, I would eat objects, then people, then houses, all the way up to the entire world.

Women into vore click here I Look Private Sex

I'd wear an oversized shirt xlick stuff things into it as the game progressed so simulate my bigger and bigger belly. As I got older like 5th grade the ideas of things being swallowed alive terrified me. There were a couple books I stopped reading because of it. Then, around best guess when I wasI somehow happened upon "vore. It pretty instantly turned me on, to my surprise, and I began seeking out more and more of it. I overwhelmingly identified with the predator.

I wondered what it Oral single Mackay you cum be like, what it would feel like, to have something squirming in my stomach which is something I've partially answered; Women into vore click here the "would you do it" thread. That led me to get turned on by big bellies, though that connects pretty exclusively to vore for Women into vore click here.

Now that I'm married and get all kinds of normal sex etc. I know it's fucking weird and tbh I've stopped caring, mostly because I have a friend who's into mpreg and likes having buttbabies. So compared to that, I could be worse. Yep I remember watching these scenes as a teen and getting so hard from it. It is still a classic to fap to now. I Wife want hot sex Sarahsville the fetish as a kid.

Like in Bonk's Adventure, where I found myself loving the level where you go into a dinosaur's mouth then vpre. I think it got narrowed down due to books. I'd love to know how and why my brain fetishized the act of being swallowed.

Not into seeing digestion or scat, just the act of being clicm. Watching teens in spandex get eaten by a giant toad is my first and still Wo,en of my Womsn vore scenes. Seeing Barugon eat the human bad guy not the girl in the picture sadly in Gamera vs Barugon as a kid may have been it The movie is where I got my quicksand sinkining fetish as well, which I was into before I was into vore. Cell absorbing Android 18 was probably what actually did it, though.

Started with Cell just like everyone else, but didn't really click till I was net deep into Resident Evil content. Still herd AyaneStar's Hunter Gamma animations.

Women into vore click here talented and a real shame she disappeared.

6 Realities Of Life When Your Fetish Is EXTREMELY Weird |

I remember that 'funny feeling' cropping up really early on. I think it started Wmoen I found a book labeled my little sister ate one hare image linked back in elementary and got mesmerized by it. Didn't find out the proper name was vore until stumbling upon ekas a few years farther down the road. It's a strange case for me. I didn't develop a full Womrn vore fetish until around my late teens, and I actually knew what 'vore' was since I vorr a preteen i.

But Fore never once got a 'funny feeling' towards it during that time. My main reaction was "huh, that's kind of strange" and I didn't think much of it afterwards. The fetish definitely wasn't clidk in my childhood.

Women into vore click here also thought the 'eat your enemies' Women into vore click here was cool. The only vore-related scenes that left an impact on me as a kid were the ones from horror movies that I was probably too young for. But it wasn't the "victim gets eaten" scenes that stuck with me, it was the "creature comes out of victim" scenes. It's funny because, looking back, this might actually be related to why I prefer the predator role in vore.

From a young Dick is hot red, I cared more about the people who were the unfortunate consumers than the ones getting consumed. And hearing irl stories clcik people getting parasites like tapeworms would also give me a similar visceral reaction. I guess I was always a 'pred-minded' person. To this day I still don't find much interest in the idea of being eaten. I think the reason why I Women into vore click here like vore at a younger was because I wasn't affected by hormones yet, and I didn't find my exact niches or flick right away.

The vore art and videos I first stumbled across weren't 'sexual' at all to me. Even today I still don't care at all for "PG-rated" vore. It wasn't Wkmen my Women into vore click here teenage years that I found explicitly sexualized vore on sites like 4chan, Ekas, and even tumblr. It was only then that I started to really like it. Jnto once I discovered the Women into vore click here type of stuff I enjoyed and got more involved RPingI pretty much became an honorary vorephile.

Overall I'd say my alignment with the predator role was influenced in some way by those fears. That's pretty much my experience. Just thought it'd be worth a share since it isn't your common "I've wanted to be eaten since childhood" story. In kindergarten I watched a turtle eat a tiny bug that tried to swim away from its mouth and was totally entranced by it. I also recall some music video where some woman was eating guys.

I think it may have been a Psyops and they got me. I'm stuck with this shit fetish Women into vore click here now. It'd usually be the subject of my nightmares and stuff like the first scene in Dark Cloud on the PS2 and No-Face from Spirited Away would leave me legit Women into vore click here.

Then around puberty time I vaguely remember coming coick some videos on youtube somehow of like early 3d animations of like a frog itno or a snake eating half c,ick women. Now instead of being scared it became a, "Well… this is different. That Find women to fuck Hatzenberg lead to me finding Eka's and there was no going back after that.

Now here I am basically a decade later and utterly cursed. You son of a bitch you never mentioned vore once! I've been…troled!

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Woomen was that book Escape from the Island cclick Aquarius? Where these people go to find a missionary lost on an island and it turns out someone had tried to kill him and took his place and made a cult, and vode the end of the book when the island iinto into the sea he gets eaten by the snake thing instead? My journey has been… interesting. I believe I've posted an abbreviated version of it somewhere either on this board or an Eka's. I'll greentext it chronologically.

Wall of text warning, my memories of this are very vivid and particular in places. I would draw "progressions" of pictures where each followed the last, like a hybrid between a standard image set and a flipbook animation, wherein the mouth of a shark or pterodactyl would get bigger and bigger then it would be just dark, then a tiny circle of light that got bigger until coming out the other end.

It was really big and spacious and I had a shower somehow and a chair and a bunch of books and I slept on the soft floor.

I even came up with a way to go to the bathroom, that being to literally poop out of its butt. The big change. Mom was at work and I got on her computer and looked up "pictures of naked women" on google and clicked on link after link after link, fascinated.

This was also my sex ed. I made a habit of fapping in the Women into vore click here every night. This unlocked Women into vore click here clicl possibilities for me for new games, taking a device outside of the house and…. I would usually pick an Womdn, set it on the toilet lid or the counter, fap standing up, then Adult singles dating in Big pool. Like some large animal like a 5-foot tall hyena would inot walking around me taunting me about how I was going to be her meal.

I was starting to have fantasies about having a girlfiend I was like 14 or 15 now who had a giant model stomach that was warm Womeh wet inside and we would drop into it and have sex and cuddle. Eventually xlick "model stomach" turned into "giant pet tiger". I looked up "naked San Crysler, Ontario daytime sex eaten by ckick or something and when I looked at the video results, I came across the Merciless Nature animation where a snake eats a girl.

Well, one of them anyways. Noticing the frequent usage of the word vore, I looked up the definition and my eyes were opened, and I began exploring the world of vore animations on youtube. I still occasionally Women into vore click here to those first 3 favorites. Vorre I watched some videos that were compilations of various vore images, all furry or feral.

Suffice it to say, my initial thoughts on drawn art were thoroughly flipped. Most of my favorite images in those compilations I have been Women into vore click here to find again, much to my disappointment. Thick curvy Allentown for sunday funday videos have Women into vore click here been taken down.

I fell in love with giantess vore. Not sure exactly when. Sometime after this point I suddenly stopped fapping to UB and now I very rarely do at all.

/vore/ - How did you first get into Vore?

I can't remember how exactly, but that bridge was crossed as well. There you have it folks, the lcick chronicles of my descent into beautiful degeneracy. Posting mode: Offering exclusive content not available on Pornhub.

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