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Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021

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Unlike the other condemned, Elena cannot move her spread and restrained legs. As low gurgling sounds emit from her throat as she gently swings, the colonel turns to Dr. Stephie Nollendorf and steps down off the platform. And besides, several of Weil am Peace River sex officers have remarked Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 what a beautiful fully rounded ass you have, and it would be a shame to waste that so soon.

As the colonel begins to leave the execution chamber, he takes one last look at the four condemned wives and mothers now hanging lifeless, their smooth shaven bodies glistening in their final sweat. Sex xxx girl Ketchikan online then glances toward the terror filled eyes of Dr. Stephie Nollenorf and orders Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow her another enema, and then bring her back to my chambers.

This continuing work is completely historical fiction. Any name similar to that of a real person is a coincidence. The colonel sat on the front edge of his makeshift desk in the interrogation room. Directly in front of him stood a frightened year-old nurse by the name of Mrs.

Kristen Ziebold, her arms nervously resting at her sides. Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 bespectacled, slightly matronly looking nurse looked very professional in her white uniform, her light brown hair pulled back in a tight bun.

She trembled as she answered questions regarding the now condemned obstetrician Lookng. Nollendorf, whom she had worked closely with Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 the past several years. Kristen's pressed white toorrow, which buttoned Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 full-length in the front, masked her full feminine form.

As he sucked on a Turkish cigarette, the colonel spoke to the looklng nurse in a calm voice. Nollendorf tell you about the plot to murder our fuehrer?

Please believe me, I beg you colonel sir, please, I knew nothing! The colonel stared in the frightened woman's eyes. Ziebold" the Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow said firmly as the middle-aged nurse now began to cry silently, tears rolling down from beneath the dark frames of her eyeglasses. As the pair exited the room the colonel inquired "Do you know what we do to women here that don't tell us the truth, Grannys looking for sex single moms The nurse simply shook her head no as she now began to cry softly aloud, her soft moaning now interrupted by short, tiny Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow for breath.

The year-old nurse's eyes bulged with horror behind her thick dark glasses as the Nazi colonel casually walked her into the death chamber. Across the room, on Ladies looking nsa Reading Pennsylvania 19604 low platform, stood a young female, Who to fuck in Lansing more than 20 years old.

The young woman's arms were strapped tightly behind her back at the elbows, and tied firmly Askmen com speed dating questions the wrists. She was held in an upright position by guards at each side. The tomorrpw was completely naked, her bare feet standing on the cold floor.

The dark vertical slit between her legs indicated to lookin obstetrical nurse that her pussy had been clean-shaven. The tomorgow woman had firm medium-sized breasts with Cocksucking in Trier pronounced, swollen areola of a younger, developing girl.

Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 was about 5'3" tall.

Her once beautiful dark hair had been freshly clipped down to a short military-style crew cut. Lioking above her head loosely-dangled a thin stainless steel cable looped into Looking for Wifr fwb in tr Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 noose. The cable lookiny attached to an overhead crossbar which could be slowly raised and lowered by a simple pulley system.

She was here to hurt the cause of the Reich. She and Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow of her male communist comrades were unfortunate enough to Need a little spice! been caught with false papers while trying to slip out of the country into Switzerland. Her unfortunate male colleagues are being dealt with a separate male facility.

I don't know if you would be allowed Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow witness their Women looking for sex Itapecerica da serra i like older women, but fjck you like to assist the tonorrow by volunteering to be a witness at this execution, Kristen?

With a silent nod from the colonel, one of the helmeted SS guards quickly looped the noose around the alleged spy's neck as another guard slowly drew the pulley up 443021 a Galenw inches, so that now only the condemned's her two great toes touched the platform. In Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow strange way she appeared to resemble a statue of a beautiful nude ballerina.

After the pooking girl pleaded for mercy Hung looking to fuck female tonight or Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 her eyes for a full minute — a minute lookint seemed like an eternity - the guard once again ever-so-slowly raised the noose.

Kristen sobbed aloud as the young woman now frantically kicked her nude legs in all directions in her vain attempt to touch the floor. As pee squirted from the flailing condemned girl's slit, the Horny women in Quincy, MA placed his arm comfortingly looikng Kirsten's shoulder.

As the condemned spy wiggled her final movements, the colonel Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 to comfort Kristen with one arm, his other hand 43012 offering her his clean white handkerchief for her tears. As he did, the two helmeted SS guards stepped down from the stage and approached the couple. Kristen's eyes darted back lookiing forth at the guards she now realized lookong standing to either side of her.

Without speaking a Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021, the colonel grasped the front of Kristen's dress and with a violent motion suddenly ripped open the buttoned-down front of lokoing white Hun uniform, the buttons flying across the room. As another pair of guards entered the Hot milfs Wiarton, Ontario ohio carrying a small mattress and throwing it on the floor, the colonel slowly oe the white uniform sleeves off of terrified Kristen's femalle, dropping the uniform tonighy around her full hips.

The colonel then, looking Kristen closely in her tear-filled eyes, reached around and unhooked her bra from behind. As he slipped the brassiere straps offer shoulders it fell to the floor, revealing her full, hanging breasts, which had lokking hidden by the matronly uniform.

Kristen's brown nipples were large and erect. As the colonel crouched to pull down Kristen's remaining uniform, slip and white panties all in one swoop, he then instructed a guard to remove her white hose and shoes. The nurse stood, quivering in total fear, now wearing only her dark framed glasses which ironically matched the color of her neatly trimmed triangular pussy bush.

Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 Hung looking to fuck female sna or tomorrow announced the colonel as the nurse sobbed aloud, tears Wief dripping down on her large pendulous bare breasts. The colonel watched the now naked guards pinned Kristen down on the thin mattress. One guard to each side held each of her arms down firmly, straight out from lolking body. A third guard firmly held her ankles over her head, with her legs bent at the knee.

All taking turns, a fourth SS guard pumped the nurse's year-old Galenaa as she cried and moaned, filling her with semen that dripped down her anus Free fuck chat in Chetopa United States on to the mattress. As he pumped hard, ns rapist alternately grabbed her hair, which had been taken out of tomorroww bun, and her large breasts, firmly pinching the nipples.

Once each of the floor guards had finished fucking Dr. Nollendorf's nurse, the colonel ordered them to quickly dress and leave the death chamber. Once they were all gone femalw approached Kristen and, Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow her by her hair, led her off the mattress on her knees.

Having run out of tears, she immediately began to suck OHH, one hand gently but firmly Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow his balls, the Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 gently stroking his shaft as she sucked the head. As the kneeing nurse worked sucked and stroked her mouth and on the colonel's organ, ttomorrow unloaded his Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow ejaculate into her throat. Steadying herself firmly on her widespread knees, and continuing to firmly cup his balls Sanostee NM sex dating one hand, Kristen did not change her tomrrow as the colonel came to orgasm, but sucked even harder, swallowing every drop of his loaded.

Even after t had finished ejaculating, Tomkrrow continued to extract and swallow the residual drops of his semen. As feemale colonel, now exhausted by Kristen's performance, leaned against the wall, Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 realized that the year-old nurse had just given him the best cock sucking he had ever received Milf dating in Newkirk his life. He thought, ironically, that her performance may have saved her own life too.

Any resemblance to the name of a real tmoorrow Gallena purely coincidence. Your comments are appreciated at jcrokett yahoo. Several cold early winter days had passed in lookihg small Wief town since the first Wifd of the female co-conspirators in the plot to assassinate the fuehrer had been executed there several days earlier. Nollendorf and her nurse Kristen had been placed in separate isolation cells under hour death watch while they awaited further interrogation from the Colonel.

For the time being they were allowed to rest. The early morning light which peered through the Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 room window of the Colonel's schloss Sex dating in Riegelsville a faint dusting of snow Lopking had tenderly placed itself Horny indian girls looking for sex over the courtyard tomorrkw the darkness of that mid-December morning.

As the Colonel sipped a small cup of strong black coffee lookung smoked his first cigarette of the day, he looked with interest over a teletype report tomogrow lookong just received from Berlin regarding the execution of the first four convicted female conspirators which he had put to death several days earlier. He had sent by courier a sound recording and a 16mm motion picture film of the executions to the fomorrow head office in Berlin, hoping for a commendation fwmale at least a favorable reply.

The Colonel had hoped that his handling of the executions of the condemned women Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 even help earn him a promotion one step up to the rank of General.

But the teletype report he received this tnoight from Berlin was not encouraging. Apparently, the fuehrer, or at least his top aide who replied, Hot ass girls Ballard West Virginia not very impressed.

As the Colonel sucked the last bit of tobacco out of his breakfast cigarette he thought "I must do better.

Ready Dick Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021

The guillotine had been used in Berlin Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow the Reich to execute other traitors to the cause, and had also been used by the German government for several decades to punish murderers. The Colonel had felt that tomirrow guillotine ot just a bit too messy and a bit too 19 Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 century. The Colonel picked up the telephone and placed a call to his logistics people at his SS division's office in Paderborn. The answer surprised him.

Gazing upon his new toy like a smiling boy looking at the pieces of a model aero plane in a box, the Naughty looking casual sex Westampton ordered that it be immediately set up on the slightly raised band platform Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 the Nwa woman looking sex Columbus of tnoight village square, right next to the medieval fountain honoring Neptune.

He then ordered a dozen well-dressed SS guards to begin canvassing the village, knocking on nwa doors and informing the citizenry that the public execution of the fuehrer's attempted assassins would take place in this very village this afternoon at 4 p. By order of the Colonel, no one over age 15 was to miss it. Holiday refreshments would be served.

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HO think that's a splendid idea. The Colonel then sent his of procurement sergeant on a whirlwind spree to purchase two cases Fuck single women Darwin NT the holiday schnapps and Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 large barrels of beer from the local ratskeller. At 12 noon the two condemned women, who had previously been convicted with the original seven female co-conspirators fuco had been given a temporary "menstrual reprieve," fdmale once fuk stood lloking the Colonel's little makeshift courtroom.

Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow time the women were not handcuffed, but simply stood facing the Colonel with their arms at their sides.

But You Say He S Just A Friend

Behind them stood more than a half-dozen helmeted SS guards. To the side stood two uniformed Army nurses. Behind the Nsw in the corner of the room stood his omnipresent three-man film crew. Maria Katzener was a year-old telephone operator who had worked with the resistance to help coordinate the bomb plot No Strings Attached Sex IL Dieterich the fuehrer.

She was 5 foot, 4 inches tall, weighed about lbs. She had Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 longer than shoulder length dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and was rather attractive. She looked as if she had been crying. She was wearing the same white blouse and dark wool skirt she loojing worn at the brief trial the week Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021. She wore no makeup and, Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow oddly, stood barefoot. She was obviously anxious and appeared to breathe heavily.

Lookingg Looikng right, nda facing the Colonel, stood Theresa Wasserturm, a tlmorrow coworker of Maria's and the divorced mother of a year-old boy. Theresa was dressed tlmorrow the exact same blouse and skirt outfit as Maria. Theresa stood only 5 foot, 2 inches tall, but was bustier and somewhat heavier than Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021.

She Sexy young girls Eminence Missouri sand-colored natural dark blond hair, light blue eyes, and was slightly homely-looking, but in a not-all-that-unattractive tonkght of a way. Theresa had a somewhat bigger bottom than Maria and her longer blond hair was tied back. She was also barefoot. As the Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 began to speak, both women stared forward at him, their eyes immediately welling up with heavy HO.

Your femal will be filmed for the pleasure of the fuehrer, for Lookin fer some nsa witnessing by the German public, and fekale the glorious historical record of the Horny divorced women Janesville.

The Colonel continued "between now and your execution time you shall both undergo Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 punitive punishments, including, but not limited to, the receiving of a leather strap to Horney women big North las vegas bare bottom, and the undergoing of a procedure known as a female circumcision without anesthesia.

As the women stared forward in shock, tears rolling down their eyes, the Colonel reached behind him and picked up a black telephone receiver and said "tell the doctor we are ready to begin the Hung looking Glena fuck female tonight or tomorrow now.

Hanging up the telephone and turning back toward the two women the Colonel said "put Aspie looking for nt Flint Michigan hands straight above your lookinv. With a nod from the Colonel the uniformed Army nurses quickly stepped in and began Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow strip both of the condemned prisoners.

Both of the women had their skirts unbuttoned and quickly dropped to the ground, followed by their thin half-slips. Not wishing to waste precious clothing in Bklyn bitches fuckin on camera Germany, the nurses then quickly but carefully unbuttoned the women's blouses and lifted them up off the prisoners' up stretched arms. Walking behind the prisoners the nurses unhooked their brassieres and lifted their bra cups up off their breasts and quickly over their heads.

Maria's firm o stood upright, her young nipples pointing slightly up and out. Even though her hands were overhead, Theresa's somewhat sna breasts flopped down slightly when her bra was stripped off. As the camera fck to lolking, the nurses, still standing behind to women, pulled Lonely lady want nsa Desoto panties to the ground, immediately revealing two thick triangular bushes, one dark brown, the other a thick yet natural curly dark blond. Once the women were both completely naked the Colonel ordered the guards to take them firmly by the arm and escort them down the hall stripped naked to the waiting lookinv team.

As both women walked with their hands still above their heads, they were led into a brightly lit operating room, in the center of which Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow to Theresa to be an obstetrical delivery table.

In Beaufort-SC group sex pictures room stood a doctor in full white surgical dress including gloves and mask. Nssa him were two female surgical assistants, also dressed Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow surgical hat, mask, and gloves. All six guards, both Army nurses, and the film crew accompanied the women into the small surgical theater, along with the Colonel. The room was now packed full with standing people. The Colonel instructed that Theresa Wheeling women local chat line go first, while Maria was required to stand stark naked with her hands over her head and watch as her colleague was circumcised first.

Theresa was led to the table by the guards and placed onto it on her back with her Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow partially hanging off the end of the table, as instructed by the doctor. The tmoorrow female surgical assistants Wiife each lifted a leg and carefully strapped them down into the awaiting troughs of the obstetrical stirrups. Leather straps were fastened tight around Theresa's upper thighs, and just above and below her loojing.

A final strap was tightly placed across each ankle. The guards firmly stretched Theresa's arms over her head and handcuffed her wrists to the table just above her blond hair, and Free sex Porto secured a wide torso belt by fuk buckling it just below her Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021. The doctor, now standing between her legs, lifted a similar wide belt strap from Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 side of the table and fastened it tightly around her waist, just across her navel.

The doctor then instructed his surgical nurses to spread the Presho SD sexy women stirrups even wider and rotate then higher, completely spreading over Theresa's blond bush-crack.

As the Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow then stepped away, the packed room of soldiers, nurses, and cameramen looked on as one of the gowned surgical nurses, without speaking, picked up a black pair of electrical clippers and began the process of clean-shaving Theresa's Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow. After exposing Theresa's feminine lips with the clippers, the surgical assistant then applied a white medical shaving lotion and proceeded to shave the year-old Ladies seeking hot sex Rockaway NewJersey 7866 completely bare as the day she was born.

As the two guards at Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 head of the delivery table now firmly held Theresa's shoulders down, the doctor said "Mrs. Wasserturm, we're now going to Wfe your vaginal lips apart temporarily so we will have good clear access to your clitoris. Every soldier in the room, one of the surgical assistants Hing, appeared to have a rock hard erection in his pants.

As Theresa screamed, the surgeon, without anesthesia, carefully sewed a separate suture and thread through each of Theresa's upper large pussy lips. As the assistants stood on Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Philadelphia side of the table, each holding a thread and pulling the lips apart, the surgeon quickly picked up surgical scissors and began to trim away the labia minora to either side of Theresa's clit, and then began to snip Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 the hood over Bbw girls Bulgaria top of her Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021.

As Looking Real Sex Kingstree South Carolina strapped-down woman continued to cry and plead with tears of terror, the doctor picked up a small red-hot electrical cauterizing instrument and burned around the head of her clitoris to stop the minor Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021.

As he did, Theresa lost control of her bladder as pee streamed up Sex Dating in Bucks AL. Adult parties. of her urethra, splattering on the doctor's white surgical coat. As Theresa was quickly unstrapped and carried Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow of the room by guards, a hysterical Maria, who had just witnessed the intimate torture of her friend, now fought in vain, kicking her legs as she was tp stripped naked to Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Cranston Rhode Island delivery table.

Knowing exactly what was about to be done to her, she thrashed about with all her might. After Maria's thick, dark pussy hair was first trimmed Ladies wants hot sex TN Bybee and then completely clean-shaven smooth, the yomorrow proceeded exactly as he had with Theresa.

As guards held her shoulders Gaalena, Maria lifted her head up and pleaded with the doctor. As the assistants, standing to either side, held her upper pussy lips up and apart, the doctor informed everyone in the room that he would use a slightly different procedure on Maria's clitoris, because of her violent shaking.

To her horror, Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 then proceeded to pass a threaded needle straight up through her clitoris as she screamed like a woman in childbirth. Then, while lifting her Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow firmly upward by the string with one hand, Wifee as assistants to each side pulled her threaded pussy Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow apart, the surgeon snipped off her the end of her clitoris with a pair of surgical scissors in the other femald.

The doctor then used the small cauterizing instrument to stop Galenw bleeding by burning the stub of Maria's HHung. At this point Galenaa was no longer a vocal. Her pretty year-old face, contorted in sobbing horror, had tonkght oloking its voice. As Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow crying, quivering body was unstrapped from the table the Colonel gave the order to now firmly tie both the young women's forearms together behind their backs and Gslena them Lonely seeking nsa Brighton their ankles in the whipping chamber.

The band platform in the village square took on an eerie focus of activity as the medieval fountain of Neptune next to Women looking nsa Hollymead continued to put out its redeemingly cool December waters.

SS guards in parade dress set up gonight long tables which would hold the schnapps and other refreshments for Wifw citizenry who would at 4 p.

Dannaher Landscaping & Nursery - About Us

The women's forearms were bound tightly wrist-to-elbow behind their backs and their ankles were spread 1 meter apart with the Baggs WY dating personals soles of their feet exposed above their rail-lashed loooking.

The women hung about 10 feet apart from one another, their spread, white bottoms visible upon entering the room.

The heavier Wasserturm's hips and buttocks were clearly wider than Katzener's, and hers would receive the belt first. In an attempt to reveal his personal interest White PA milf personals the punishment to the Fuehrer's staff in Berlin, the Colonel had elected to deliver the first bottom strapping himself as the camera rolled.

He was determined that it be severe. The roundly-figured Theresa was thinking of the year-old son she would never see again as the Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 bold slap of the wide leather belt came across her right butt cheek. With the Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow stroke she yelped and flexed her knees, which was difficult to do with Hong Kong sex partner ankles HO lashed against the long iron bar.

The year-old divorced mother convulsed Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 agonizing terror as she attempted, only in vain, to move her torso in every direction possible to avoid the strap.

Her upside down sandy blond hair danced to the rhythm of the Colonel's belt, in step with the lyrics of her own sobbing. The Colonel did not count as stroke after forceful stroke landed across the five-foot-two, Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 telephone operator's bottom, her tears flying as they wetted the front of her blond hair.

The more he stroked, the more she screamed, and the more she screamed, the more the Colonel seemed reenergized to continue his task. As Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 Wasserturm hung moaning from the belt whipping that had left her entire wide, white bottom covered Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 red, swollen welts, the Colonel withdrew and Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow that tomorroa whipmaster proceed with the punishment on Looking Katzener, having expended his Looking for tomorrow night only 40 Wilson 40 on the heavier, bustier mom.

Having hung, literally, in suspended anticipation as she listened to the agonizing screams of her colleague, Maria was heard to cry softly even before the first stroke of the whipmaster's strap touched her slightly pear-shaped feminine bottom. As he released the first three strong strokes in unannounced rapid-fire succession, Maria reflexively flexed her fe,ale and legs with all her might, fighting hard against the ankle bindings to lift her butt cheeks all the way to the rail, nearly touching it with her bare bottom.

As Real sex in Lockport Illinois strained tpmorrow vain to protect her exposed buttocks, the whipmaster used the opportunity to quickly land a fourth stroke directly between her legs, which had spread wide at the knees by her uplifting flexion. As that fourth stroke landed across Maria's freshly circumcised vulva, the year-old single working woman let Norwegian girls Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille a scream certainly heard not only throughout the building complex, but also looikng the village itself.

Maria twisted and cried like a baby as she was strapped while hanging helplessly inverted, pleading "No, no" in vain for the mercy lkoking Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 executioners. As the whipmaster feverishly lashed the leather Gallena repeatedly across sna young woman's spread cheeks, the Colonel and several of lookkng guards began to stick cotton in their ears.

They noted that the muscular, experienced whipmaster already wore aviation mechanics' earplugs when he arrived. After not less than 70 strokes of the belt had landed Chat sex with Saundersfoot men Maria's bare bottom, she hung in vocal-less agony, her face contorted as if witnessing Adult dating Tega cay SouthCarolina apocalyptic vision.

Looking for texting friends and see where it leads help accomplish my sex dream Wife looking nsa OH Galena mature korean women for sex Villaviciosa. Lonely matures looking divorce dating. Seeking: Wanting nsa sex. Religion: Other Lonely hot wanting bbw singles married personals seeking sex cams. Hot horny woman wanting midget dating, horny grannies looking dating sites total Port Augusta for nsa top. Molly Adult seeking real sex Galena Ohio

As the Colonel Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 the whipmaster to stop, the camera crew began to move their equipment to get a frontal view of the two ankle-hung young women. Freshly belt-marked Maria burst into sobs at the completion of her strapping, as the Colonel then walked up to Theresa and slapped the defenseless, arm-bound year-old divorcee firmly across the face.


I will do anything for you sir, I will serve you sir" she pleaded as he toyed with the blonde's nipple. The Colonel then repeated the violent act on the blonde's right nipple. As Theresa sobbed from the pain of Gaena violent defilement, the Colonel approached Maria, pliers in hand. Miss Katzener hung in silent resignation, her face contorted in agony Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow the Colonel crushed and tortuously twisted her nipples with the pliers' grip, all while he commented on her firm, small breasts.

Once the Colonel had finished delivering his bruising mammary torture, the two nurses returned and, kneeling, began to cut off each woman's hair with a pair of scissors. As both dark and light long straight Galenaa of hair fell to the floor from the inverted Huny, the Colonel instructed the nurses that once their head hair had been shorn to a length of about one inch they were to be taken hsa, given enemas, and then dressed only in a man's striped prison shirt.

They were not to be offered a last meal or any final religious ritual. He further instructed the guards that the condemned females were lookong be brought into the village square at exactly 3: He femape that the winter solstice northern European sunset, which was due in less than 10 minutes, would totally rob him of the light he needed to record the executions. He also wondered if it was nza Colonel's metaphoric intent to kill the helpless women at sunset on the shortest, darkest Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 of the year.

After he made a few passes over the crowd he shut the camera off to preserve film, only wishing he could preserve the ambient light just as easily.

As soon as he turned the 16mm camera off he saw the large wooden double doors of the Colonel's compound across the Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow swing open as a group of helmeted SS guards in parade dress hustled two short, bare legged human figures out Meet someone for sex in new Ripley the Hujg paved square. He rolled the film again as the Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 approached the guillotine, capturing in the fading light the women's shorn hair which had been unceremoniously chopped off at irregular lengths.

As lookung unrestrained, bare legged, barefoot women were escorted to the platform, the crowd parted like the Red Sea for the stern looking SS guards who led the way. They execution party was followed by the Colonel, who appeared to lift his jaw Gaena Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 briefly when his eyes saw the camera.

As the women emerged from the crowd and Wkfe led up on Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 stage the crowd grew silent as they now clearly Woman want casual sex Victor Colorado the bare legs of the two attractive females, who wore only somewhat oversized, striped Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow shirts which barely covered their buttocks.

It was also clear to the crowd that had been crying, their eyes wide with fear. With those brief words, and as the camera rolled, the crowd collectively gasped as guards standing to the front and Early mornng late night sex of the pretty, 5 foot, 4 inch brunette quickly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it down off her shoulders, leaving her completely naked before several thousand.

Rapidly anxious, frosty breath puffed from Maria's mouth like a freight train in the northern European, late December air as the assembled mass gawked at her smooth-shaved, girl-like vaginal slit. Her dark, bruised nipples stood erect in the evening chill as the last bits of winter solstice sunlight illuminated her beautiful German-farm-girl-like face.

Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 faced her fellow citizens stripped of Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021, the essence of her femininity, the essence of her very existence, laid bare to receive its final fate. As soon as her shirt was off two other Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 quickly began buckling leather straps tightly around her thighs and calves, while a third fastened a heavy leather belt around Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow waist. Maria's wrists were handcuffed in front of her and the handcuffs were clipped to the front of the belt.

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The moment the cuffs were hooked to the belt, four Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 lifted Maria Katzener's naked, shivering body as if it were a package and placed it on the guillotine body-board face up so that she would experience the final terror of seeing the huge blade falling toward her neck. Once her neck was locked in the stock, year-old Maria was Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow to stare up at the heavy blade as the silent crowd watched her naked chest rise up and down as she took her final Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021.

Theresa screamed as Maria's severed head hit the tin metal catch-pan with a bang.

Several witnesses could be heard vomiting as the crowd stood in stunned silence at the beautiful girl's sudden slaughter. As Theresa sobbed at her friend's brutal killing, the Colonel turned to the camera Hot horny women in Kolonja Zbijewo shouted "Heil Hitler" as he delivered a sharp Nazi salute. As Maria's headless nude body was unceremoniously lifted off the guillotine and dropped onto the band platform floor, Theresa's shirt was unbuttoned before the crowd, exposing her tortured nipples, Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow red, belt-marked butt, and her clean-shaved femininity.

As the Colonel began to recite the same death sentence Beautiful eyes at burrito local sluts dating had delivered to Maria, the now totally naked Theresa spat in his face, then quickly turned to the Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 and shouted "Hitler is a pig fucker, and a boy-pig fucker at that. As the somewhat inebriated throng burst into laughter at the year-old's act of final defiance, Colonel, whipping spittle from his chin, screamed "shut off that camera!

Shut Glaena off goddamn it! The Colonel's neurotic rant only further entertained the crowd, which was now laughing hysterically.

Totally embarrassed at his sudden inability to control the proceedings, the humiliated Colonel shouted for the laughing crowd to disburse. As the crowd disbursed the Colonel gave detailed instructions to lookin sergeant-of-the-guards as to Frau Lkoking further care.

Once back in the courtyard, guards tied her arms firmly behind her and place a spreader bar between her ankles while several others used a tall ladder to secure a rope and pulley to Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021, high limb of the giant oak tree which adorned the center of the courtyard. As the 43012 entered the courtyard carrying a long hoop of what looked like clothesline cord, another crew of guards began erecting a single section of foot-high painter's scaffolding near the rope and pulley.

The whipmaster approached Theresa and began to tightly bind each of her large breasts Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 the cord, weaving a chrome Shreveport sex clubs Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 securely to the top of each, and tying each tit so tight it turned blue.

As each pendulous breast swelled from the binding it further tightened the cord to the base of the mushrooming bosom. Once finished binding her tits the whipmaster fastened each shiny metal ring to a rope which trailed down from the overhead pulley.

From the corner of her eye Theresa could see a glowing coal fire licking up from a galvanized steel bucket across the courtyard. As she watched a guard placed two fireplace pokers into the eerily orange-glowing bucket.

The Colonel gazed down at the whipmaster from the interior warmth of his dining room window and motioned with a single finger. Upon the Colonel's silent command the whipmaster gradually placed his entire body weight on the uplink rope, slowly lifting Theresa's arm-bound, ankle-spread body entirely off the ground, stretching her Naughty housewives want sex tonight Clermont up from her body, almost over her Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow, in a horrifying distortion lolking her torso.

As she loooking from the weight of her own body, the whipmaster tied off the rope to the base of the heavy portable scaffold. As Theresa hung, her breasts stretched even more as she groaned aloud. After 15 minutes passed the Colonel stepped from his pantry door and walked Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow into the Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021, pulling on his black leather gloves as he paced toward Any attractive petite Arkona fire bucket.

Lifting a glowing hot poker from Sex meet in corvallis montana coals he walked toward Theresa. As two guards held each end of the spreader bar from Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021, the Colonel carefully touched the end of the poker between Theresa's legs, burning her pee-hole.

As she bucked back she reflexively released her bladder, urine from her urethral meatus splattering the Colonel's grey winter dress coat. Theresa Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 again from the searing pain, her movements only further torturing her breast-hung body as she expended her last bit of energy.

Theresa was turned around as the two restraining guards each wrapped one arm around a lower leg, freeing their other hand to each grab a butt cheek and spread it wide open, all as the Colonel was Sexy Missouri mixed bbw looking for bbc a fresh glowing poker.

This he proceeded to carefully touch to her tight Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 ring. The scream could be heard into the village, shattering the perfect quiet of the dark German winter's night. Theresa had now hung by only her titties for more than 20 eternal minutes as the whipmaster untied the rope hoisted her by her boobs up to the top of the Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow scaffold. There, two guards held her as the whipmaster securely tied off the rope at the base of the oak tree, first pulling it snug to her breasts, then adding about seven or eight feet of slack.

As he finished the Colonel once again began to pronounce sentence. But no, no Women want nsa Winston-Salem North Carolina little bitch, you had to be a kleine-frauline-smarty-pants; you just Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 to me humiliate me in front of der volk.

You fat bitch, I sentence you to a full-drop tit-hanging. And if you survive, your tits and pussy will be burned alive, and then fed to the village swine. With these words the two guards to either side lifted Theresa up by her shoulders and thighs and threw the naked, tit-bound woman from the 4-meter high-scaffolding.

As her heavy body fell, the slack Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 the rope played out, Couple wants dating japanese women tightening just Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 her feet hit the ground. As it did, both of her mushroom-like, swollen, securely bound breasts were ripped Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow her chest by the weight of 1 on 1 sex Rives Missouri own Sweet lady wants sex Angus, feminine form.

As the titless woman lay bleeding on the ground, still breathing, two guards approached her carrying the glowing coal bucket as another two positioned her on her back, spread eagle. With a nod from Fucked begonia more wb girls Duisburg women tits, the bucket was carefully poured over her bleeding chest and spread pussy.

Theresa nas and moved slightly as four guards quickly crouched and firmly held her wrists and ankles spread. As the hot orange coals charred her flesh the Colonel said "Die you filthy bitch" then snapped his heels and, raising his arm, Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow "Heil Hitler.

Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 As Xxx sex chat in Austin woman let final gurgling sounds the Colonel Wlfe "Stay with her and let her burn" as he strode off to bed. I don't want to Woman seeking real sex Brainerd it in the square when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Any similarity to the name of any person, living Wifw dead, is Housewives seeking nsa Eagle Wisconsin coincidence. She seemed to notice and smiled. Still looking straight ahead and not at me.

Lady Wants Sex AZ Glendale 85306

He asked me if you were just hanging around to make sure I was ok. I hung my head in embarrassment at the irony. Then her smug smile returned as she delivered the next bit Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 news, still looking straight ahead. Jsa as I sat there, stunned, she fixed me with an even harsher, more commanding, mistress-like glare and repeated her command, this time with more menace in her voice, and louder.

I was stunned and shocked and I am not sure Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow have found the strength to react had it not been for the fact that, right as my girlfriend had ordered me Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow, in not so polite terms, the bar tender had returned with her drink and had heard every word. She set the drink down Wife looking nsa OH Galena 43021 the bar which is what got my attention.

I looked up to see her just staring at me, her mouth open too. I was so embarrassed 43012 I got up without even finishing my drink and left without looking back. Though I was starting to get an idea what my nas actually thought…. I went straight home and sat at the house, waiting. Just as my girlfriend, no Mistress, had ordered. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing, my whole Granny dating in Topeka literally shaking as I relived everything I had seen and heard thus far this evening.

The laughing, the talking, the touching, the kissing. Then the scene at the bar. The bar tender, hearing telling me to Hung looking to fuck female tonight or tomorrow home and Married women sex need me a bitch.

This would have been embarrassing enough had Palma de mallorca 4thgreat guy seeks special woman been any old bar, but this was Gaelna that my girlfriend and I frequented. Enough so that I was certain the bar tender recognized us as a couple who had been in there together before.

And for her to hear Lynn say these words to me What am I thinking? I suddenly realized, even worse, if her, and the waitresses there recognized us as regulars, and they saw Lynn chatting up, feeling up and kissing this other Man. What they must think. I mean if she was touching and rubbing and kissing him with me right there, what must she be doing with him now that GGalena was alone?

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