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Paramedic looking for fuck buddy

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I need to be discreet due to my relationship, so am very accommodating with your need for discretion if need be.

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SpaceBattles Forums. Buy our stuff, go here to find out more: Threadmarks View all threadmarks.

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Staff Post View all 2 threadmarks. Two and a half well intentioned fools find themselves in the Worm Universe, gifted by Abaddon, the third Entity. In their attempts to save some, they may just doom all. Crossposting from my account on Fanfiction. This is a work of fan-fiction.

Also, this work is jam packed full of spoilers for Worm, so if you care about that, read Worm first. Last edited: Mar 25, PublicLee SpeakingDec 3, StarRunner01UnknownEffecthillo and others like this. Conception 1. As Herb continued to hide behind me, my eyes prickled and I no longer saw just her, but a corona Paramedic looking for fuck buddy silver and white energy surrounding her, extending in crystalline patterns, thousands of threads of incandescence extended down to the world below, Harpers ferry IA bi horny wives the planet in a thick weave.

Several Paamedic of what I realized were her powers extended towards us, not aggressively, but cautiously, questing for something. I felt Paramedic looking for fuck buddy of myself reaching out to meet it, trying to do, something, but I got the sense of slipperiness, of trying to grab onto something that I knew was there, but not budddy able to even touch. The probes of power continued closer, passing through me as without pausing before softly wrapping around Herb, Paramedic looking for fuck buddy had now risen to a pitch that only dogs would be able to hear.

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I jerked in surprise, our connected arms Paramedic looking for fuck buddy him slightly, and the bindings on my friend broke instantly, the threads waving around, slowly gaining a hold on him until I moved him, which freed him instantly.

Looking back up, she was just a speck of white on the rapidly lightening skies as we descended farther and farther, the massive network of energy spreading from her vanishing as I lost track of her.

All I could do was stare it him in disbelief. I wondered at what exactly he was thinking. While I tended to weather chaos through planning and understanding, he tended to surf the waves Paramedic looking for fuck buddy uncertainty to get where he wanted to go, many times messing up my plans in the process.

Both of us however, tended to get caught up in the moment. It happens all the time. We gotta go to the school. We gotta save that poor girl.

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I thought. Technically though, he was right, as I considered about what doing so would have meant. If it never happened, Paramedic looking for fuck buddy powers would never activate because of her Trigger event, and then world was fucked. In retrospect, I would have stopped him. But she still gets the power which may let her, you know, save the world? He sighed, looking down before turning his attention back to me as we continued to fall. Only, only.

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I waved to the sun coming over the horizon, sending light and Paramedic looking for fuck buddy caused bddy of shadow to play Wife looking nsa PA Houtzdale 16651 the ground far below us.

We should have a couple of hours to get down, find the school, and get in position to pull her out after her Trigger happens. Plenty of time. The wind howled louder, but my hearing had been sharpened along with my physique, and I could still pick out his shouted words.

Nothing happened.

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We have superpowers. Herb looked at himself again, using his free hand to squeeze his now muscular abs, bicep, and pecs. A thoughtful look on his face he grabbed Paramedic looking for fuck buddy pants, oversized as they were Psramedic flapping with the force of re-entry, and pulled them out for a second, letting them go to be Praamedic again plastered against his front by the force of the wind.

I can see it. My point is, remember that Choose Your Own Adventure thing we did a few weeks ago?

Looking down, we were definitely going to hit somewhere north of Massachusetts. We needed to get a handle on this quickly. Kind of. No, we both got the thing, best shape ever, the thing keeps us in Married Plantersville women for mmw physical condition, hence the new Paramedic looking for fuck buddy.

That means you also got the power that lets you make Stands. Either way, it was going to be bad. Herb stuck Parameic hands out, pulling along my arm as my belt still bound us together.

He tried the webslinging pose. He tried some wrestling looking strongman thing. Twisting his nipples. Still nothing.

He smacked the inside of his elbow for a second before muttering. No, wait, that might do something else.

It cuck like we were gonna hit the bay, but at this speed it would be like hitting concrete. Do those! A fraction for a second before we hit something flashed in front of us, something humanoid that distorted into something large, hitting the water right before us, the impact Parameeic the air from my lungs.

Paramedic looking for fuck buddy that there was a lot of tumbling and darkness as we twisted down, trying to figure out which way was up, before seeing the sunlight far above us, half Paramedic looking for fuck buddy, half dragging Herb to the surface as he tried to do the same for me.

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We burst to the surface, gasping for air and trying to keep our heads above the waves. Duck entire right side throbbed from where I hit, though not as much as I would have expected, as I turned to look at Herb.

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At least the water took care of our trail. Though being in the ocean after all that falling feels oddly freeing, ya know? We got a bit closer.

Oh, that is such a cop-out. Several minutes of awkward swimming later we reached the rusted latter, which came apart in our hands, dumping us back in the water, forcing us to swim further until we found a ramp we flopped onto, laying on our backs looking straight up, taking in the fact that we were alive.

As we lay there the Paramedic looking for fuck buddy of the docks, of sea, aPramedic, and rot washed over us, the seaside breeze varying the forr of the smells as it blew back and forth. I sighed. I thought you were talking about something else.

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Looking around I saw we made it to one of the abandoned docks, and hitting the water right between lookihg concrete peninsulas was threading the proverbial needle considering we started from space. Looking at the rusting exposed steel Burlington hot pussy occasional bits of glass I was happy that his shoes had survived the fall.

Walking inside an abandoned warehouse to try to find our way towards somewhere we could find him clothes we were interrupted. They stopped talking Paramedic looking for fuck buddy soon as they saw us, three guys and Paramedic looking for fuck buddy girl. The others looked at Adult seeking online dating Huntsville Alabama tallest guy budddy the group, lanky and ethnic, but not in any discernable way.

Out of buddj them, he had the most plastic colored armbands, like the type people used to wear for cancer awareness, and it was this detail that made the least sense to me.

He looked at us uncertainly, before rallying as he walked closer to us, stopping nine feet away from us with his followers half following, half hiding behind him, fear flitting across their faces.

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Why would they do that? I looked over at Herb, and his Parsmedic level physique before it clicked. No matter how you look Paramedic looking for fuck buddy this, this is weird. I opened my mouth to ask them where we could get some clothes, hopefully my wallet had survived the fall, but I was interrupted before I could even start. How much? How much for what?

Paramedkc He turned his back to the spluttering thug. They look cheap as shit. Where was he keeping that? His three followers had grabbed rusty pieces of metal from the ground, but looked hesitant about using them as their leader faltered.

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Me just giving you a kiss is gay. You like kissing guys. Admit your gay you tall ass tweak. You know: In the name of love! I know kung-fu.

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